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Play Free Car Games Online

Playing online car games is one of the most enjoyable things that one can do on the web. Car games are no easier than modern combat or strategic games, and these games are equally exciting and competitive. Around ten years back, car games used to have simple racetracks or involved a basic touring route through the countryside area. Players used to love these games, just due to the fact that they were driving fast. These old games don't even hold a candle to games we have today. Modern online racing games are not just about running on full throttle on an oval track again and again, but you get to race through desserts, against cops or as cops, race against jet skis and even drift on ice. If you are only thrilled with games that have zombies or vampires, then there are a couple of games that even allow you to race against them.

Games that involve car driving inside the city are great to learn driving. Such games have got strict rules that need to be followed otherwise you lose points or may even be caught by cops. The rules are usually like the ones that apply on real life drivers for e.g. using indicators while turning, staying in the right lane, driving within speed limits, avoiding rash driving etc. Drivers are supposed to drive by following all these rules and in case of violation they are caught by speed checking cameras or patrolling police cars. So, young drivers can learn all the rules and regulations in an enjoyable manner. There are also parking games in which you have to overcome obstacles in order to park your vehicle at the right spot.

By increasing score you get to unlock the best cars, get to have special tires, or turbo boosts etc, and the basic rule usually stays the same, the faster you drive while following the rules, the more rewards you get. Just like combat games, some online car games can also be played in multiplayer mode and you get to interact with various players from different parts of the globe. Playing solo on your gaming console can never be as much fun as playing and competing with thousands of players from all around the world. So, whenever you have some spare time, and want to enjoy something new and exciting, try online car games to enjoy yourself.

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