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Car Shooting Rival Rage


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Car Shooting Rival Rage

In the game Car Shooting Rival Rage, science fiction and car racing have come together in an amazing way. You will go to some future, maybe distant, but maybe not too much. With the current crazy development of technology, everything happens so quickly that it is difficult to keep track of and keep up with everything that is happening in the world. The car has already been prepared for you, it looks quite traditional, only there is a gun on the hood, which means that you will not only drive and overtake, but also shoot. It also means that there are no rules of decency on the track, throw away gentle manliness, you must come first, literally removing all rivals from your path. Just shoot them, turning them into a heap of scrap metal. Victory promises you a lot of goodies and, most importantly, a cash prize. You will need the bills to buy a new car for the next tough races. Keep in mind that your opponents will not go out on the track in old shabby rattle cars, so it is worthwhile to play it safe.

Release Date

6 September 2020

Game Statistics

Rating: 3.60 (5 votes) • Played: 2,749 times


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