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Drive or Die


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Drive or Die

A military chemical weapons plant leaked and released biological weapons into the air. Many people in the cities that were in the vicinity of the plant died after breathing the air and rose up in the form of the living dead. Now these zombies hunt people and eat their flesh. In Drive or Die you will have to help a young soldier get out of this hell and inform the government about the appearance of zombies. In front of you on the screen you will see the road along which your hero chased by zombies will run. On his way he will come across a car into which he will have to jump. Now, pressing the gas pedal, he will rush along the road, gradually picking up speed. If zombies come across on his way, he will be able to shoot them down and get points for it. Various objects, weapons and ammunition will lie on the road. You will need to collect all of these items. They will help you survive.

Release Date

14 December 2020

Game Statistics

Rating: 4.89 (9 votes) • Played: 6,787 times


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