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Car Crusher


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Car Crusher

Many people on our planet have cars. When they buy new cars for themselves, the old ones are handed over to special landfills where they are disposed of. In the Car Crusher game you will be engaged in the destruction of cars. Before you on the screen you will see a special apparatus, which consists of presses. A car of a certain brand will be in the center. You will have to click on the screen with the mouse and hold the click. This way you will power the presses and they will crush the car. After that, a truck will appear under the device. The destroyed car will fall into the back and the truck will take it to the junkyard. This way you will recycle cars and get points for it.

Release Date

7 January 2021

Game Statistics

Rating: 4.56 (39 votes) • Played: 6,567 times