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Nitro Knights


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Nitro Knights

In the distant future of our world, gladiator battles have become popular. The fighters were specially created robots, which were controlled by the pilot. Today in the game Nitro Knights we want to invite you to take part in such gladiatorial battles. A battle arena will appear on the screen in front of you, which will be surrounded by a hostile substance from all sides. Your fighter and his rival will be in the arena. At the signal, your robot, under your guidance, will start flying around the arena. You will have to chase your opponent and get him from the back. Then you can deliver the killing blow and kill the enemy very quickly. If you attack head-on, then a long fight will start. You yourself will have to reflect the blows of your opponent.

Release Date

6 March 2021

Game Statistics

Rating: 4.50 (4 votes) • Played: 5,346 times


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