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Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator


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Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator

A large sports motorcycle company has created a motorcycle that can not only travel on the roads, but also fly. You in the game Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator will be able to sit behind the wheel and test it. In front of you on the screen you will see your motorcycle, which will rush forward gradually picking up speed. You will need to accelerate it to a certain value and then pushing special flaps to take off into the air. Look carefully at the screen. There will be tall buildings and other obstacles in the way of your motorcycle flight. You deftly maneuvering on it in the air, you will have to fly around all these obstacles. Having reached the end point of your journey, you will land on the ground.

Release Date

17 June 2022

Game Statistics

Rating: 4.38 (8 votes) • Played: 3,562 times