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Tank Zombies 3D


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Tank Zombies 3D

In the game Tank Zombies 3D you will go to the future of our world. After a series of wars, many people on the planet died and rose in the form of the living dead. Now the zombie army is hunting the survivors. Your character is one of the soldiers who managed to survive. He travels the world and searches for survivors. Your hero uses a tank to move around. In front of you on the screen will be visible to a certain area on which your tank will drive. Zombies will attack him from different sides. Deftly maneuvering, you can crush single zombies with your tank. If there is a large cluster of them, then you will have to shoot from your cannon. If your aim is accurate, then the projectile will hit the cluster of the living dead and destroy them. Along the way, you will have to collect various useful items and ammunition scattered around.

Release Date

10 August 2022

Game Statistics

Rating: 3.50 (2 votes) • Played: 500 times